Saturday, July 15, 2017

- My Query Letter -

Here is the query letter that sparked my agent's interest. 
The title has since changed.
(I didn't send the collage!)

Dear Agent,

Raj and Sasha’s charming but wayward jewel-thief father taught them to speak four languages, crack safes, and bypass alarm systems with ease. When he dies, he leaves behind a mysterious list of twelve names and twelve gemstones. Raj recognizes the first ten because they’re among the many heists he and Sasha helped pull off. Grief stricken, Raj vows to steal the last two jewels on the list. 

Unfortunately, everything that could go wrong does. Raj’s cocky overconfidence nearly gets him and Sasha caught stealing diamonds in Italy. Even worse, when they break into a luxurious New York apartment, they come across a teenage girl lying unconscious in a pool of blood. While Sasha tries to stop the bleeding, Raj finds a photograph of his father in a box where a priceless sapphire should have been. On the street below, police cars with flashing lights arrive. Raj and Sasha are chilled to realize they’ve been set up.

They manage to escape, just barely, and Raj thinks the coast is clear, until the theft of the sapphire hits the news. Detectives in New York bring in a girl for questioning who looks exactly like Sasha. Raj discovers his father stole more than jewels. He stole Sasha as well, leaving behind her twin sister. And now, in a case of mistaken identity, Sasha is horrified to find her twin accused of the heist. 

If there’s a connection between whoever really stole the sapphire, the list of twelve names, and the twins, Raj can’t fathom what it is. But he is determined to find out before the only person he has left in the world turns herself in for a crime she didn’t commit.   

My YA Thriller, VANISHED, is complete at 88,000 words. I believe VANISHED will appeal to readers looking for fast-paced, thrilling reads along the lines of ABC and XYZ.

For seventeen years I worked as an Indie bookseller. I enjoyed hand-selling all kinds of books, but YA fiction in particular. I am now a full time writer. 

Thank you for your time and consideration.

Jenny Chou

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